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    The development trend of graphite electrode

         Graphite electrode is suitable for the electric furnace for the smelting of steel, yellow phosphorus, brown fused alumina, silicon metal and other conductive material. Electric furnace steelmaking is currently the world's most advanced way of steelmaking. Electric furnace steel production has accounted for more than 80% of the total output in the developed countries, it is very small in developing countries and our country accounts for only about 10%, and the potential market of graphite electrode is very big. Moreover, only few countries around the world produce graphite electrode, the carbon industry of developed countries is keeping reduced than developing countries, so with the progress of high-tech new technology and the increase of demand around the world, there is an upward momentum in carbon product sales, the carbon industry in China will also present strong development trend.
      Our factory can also process graphite crucible, graphite, bars, and rings, tubes, special structure of graphite products with high quality of graphite billet, can also produce high purity, high density, high strength and other special graphite products according to customer's special needs.
      Graphite crucible is widely used in non-ferrous metals, rare earth metal, chemical industry, etc.In order to meet user requirements; our factory is willing to produce impregnating crucible, anti-oxidation coating crucible and other new products.
      There are two kinds of electrode nipple: conical and cylindrical. Conical electrode nipple is not only having high bending strength, and also convenient for connection. Therefore, conical electrode nipple is well exported. Considering the habit of domestic users, we also supply cylindrical connector according to the requirements.

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