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    Suggestions for graphite electrode export in our country
          Comprehensive analysis, the graphite electrode export had significant achievements, but there is no denying that there are many problems. To this end, the author put forward the following Suggestions and thinking
    First, according to the market and the development and change of the demand side, reduce the sales link, shorten the sales channels, set up their own sales team as well as the relationship between upstream and downstream industry chain, adopts the direct selling. Carefully study the lifecycle of the graphite electrode, the comprehensive analysis of the internal and external environment, correct evaluation of their own competitive power, to develop and practice the correct enterprise strategy. To completely change the production, research and development, the practical research, basic research work, continue to intensify production and innovation, not only should increase  investment in the existing products,  increase yield, more efforts to strengthen new product development and investment management.
          Second, the RMB exchange rate issue is economic problem, has its inherent       economic laws. More perfect at present, China's financial markets and financial products increasingly rich, can borrow dollars through the credit market, after waiting for export income      return $, still can use the foreign exchange market hedging or locking forward settlement rate directly to avoid exchange rate risk. It is worth mentioning that in cross-border Yuan trade settlement area has expanded to the whole country and more graphite electrode industry created a good opportunity. In addition, our country's free trade zone, export processing zones, or the customs surveillance zone policies and do processing not only can be used to ease the Yuan¡¯s exchange rate revaluation falling export competitiveness, still can reduce tax expenditures, enterprises should take more attention and legitimate use.
           Third, graphite electrode export order in our country, not only serious interference and impact the normal export markets, more importantly will damage the credibility of graphite electrode in the international market in our country and the long-term interests. Must take warning, strive for renovation, to actively advocate the good faith management, standardize the order of industry competition actively, speed up eliminating backward equipment and production capacity, and illegal ACTS of counterfeit and shoddy, relevant enterprises should actively make good "fraud", to find ways to cooperate actively and to mobilize the enthusiasm of the customs, commodity inspection and the departments for industry and commerce, increase the intensity of work.
          Fourth, experienced business people, sales and service, acquiring the middle managers and forward-looking executives is the first resource of the export enterprises in an impregnable position. In order to achieve the graphite electrode export enterprise development strategy and target, improve the export performance, we must attach importance to human resources planning and human resources development, to manage the employee's career.
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